Sonntag, 15. Februar 2015

DIY Kitchenboard

In unserer Küche gab es eine große Ecke, die immer angeräumt war. Daher haben wir aus Holzresten ein Eckregal gebaut und ich habe es nach dieser Anleitung passend zu meiner Landhausküche gestrichen, wobei ich ein paar Änderungen vorgenommen hatte. Das Holz wurde dunkelbraun gebeizt, mit Chalk Paint petrol gestrichen, danach mit Chalk Paint weiß gestrichen und abschließend mit Clear & Dark Wax versiegelt.



Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

French Bench

Sultan Luröy, 6 slats for the seat, 4 slats for the construct
Sultan Lade, several remaining pieces for the construct
2 Chairs Jokkmokk
Jig Saw
Colour & Wax

We had 2 old Jokkmokk chairs which were very unsteady in the meantime. So what to do with them? I don’t want to throw away old furnitures or wood an I always wanted to have a nice window seat in the living room. So the chairs were meant for creating a bench. 

First of all I parted the chairs because I only needed the back of the them and 2 feet. The back will be the new armrests and the 2 feet will be needed in the middle for stabilisation because I used the Sultan Luröy slats with 140 cm length (and this is really very long for the seat). 
I startet (with some help from my husband!) with creating the box for the seating. Therefore I screwd together 3 Sultan Lade slats (cut in the needed length) and 2 Sultan Luröy slats. For cutting the slats I simply used a jig saw, for screwing them together very long screws so I could be sure that it wouldn’t break down when someone sits on it. 

When the construct for the seating was finished I realised that the bench will need some more stabilasation. So 2 feet from the chair will give more stabilisation in the middle of the bench AND 2 more slats at the bottom in the front and on the backside. Now the construct was ready for painting.

I used Annie Sloan “primer red” and “chateau grey” and finised with a little bit sanding for the shabby style.

The 6 slats for the seat had already the right length (140 cm) and I stained them with grey and middle brown for creating an aged look. 

After screwing the slats and the wood on the bench I finished with 2 coats of clear wax. My new bench was ready for beeing our new window seat and I love it. I still have stored more old chairs in the cellar…..maybe I will have more benches in the future? 

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